Grieving For Babies

Grieving for Babies guides families and professionals towards understanding grief caused by the death of a baby during pregnancy, at birth, and after the first few months of life.

Love and Guidance for grieving families

When faced with with a death of a baby, families need help and guidance while going through various stages of grief. Grieving for Babies offers programs that are designed to address the needs of family members and of the professionals helping the families. The programs consist of DVDs and of additional support materials on this website.

Grieving in the NICU

Mending Broken Hearts When a Baby Dies

This program is directed towards the needs of grieving family members. The DVD includes a 70-minute chaptered video addressing topics of the initial shock and intense grief, carrying on with life, the grief of siblings and grandparents, and the role of chaplains throughout the bereavement process.

For more information and additional video and text resources see Mending Broken Hearts.

Grieving in the NICU

Supporting Families and the Health Team When a Baby Dies.

This program is designed to help health care professionals play an integral part in the lives of parents faced with the death of a baby.

For more information and additional video and text resources see Supporting Families when a Baby Dies.

Grieving in the NICU

Additional Resources

Many helpful resources are available on this site that address these and related topics. Please review Additional Resources for further information.

We also welcome any feedback regarding our programs and posted resources.