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Grieving in the NICU

Mending Broken Hearts When a Baby Dies

In Mending Broken Hearts When a Baby Dies members of families whose babies have never "graduated" from the NICU share their experiences to help others through the grieving process. The important message that You Are Not Alone with your grief is threaded throughout the video. Nationally acclaimed experts participate in the discussions and offer their helpful opinions.

The video is segmented in 5 chapters, each relevant to a distinctive type of grief:

  1. Shock and Intense Grief discusses the grief parents experience within the first 72 hours of the death of their baby.
  2. Picking Up the Pieces a grief phase the parents experience that may last for years after the death of a baby.
  3. Siblings' Grief
  4. Grandparents' Grief
  5. The Role of Chaplain

*Note: If you have a Mac, get the WMV QuickTime Components to view the videos.

Uses for DVD

  • For families whose babies died recently or some time in the past
  • For professionals supporting families whose babies recently died
  • For professionals wishing to gain a greater understanding of the grieving process associated with the death of a baby
  • For educators in medical schools, schools of nursing, social work and chaplaincy studies