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Grieving in the NICU

Supporting Families and the Health Team When a Baby Dies

This 80-minute chaptered DVD is designed to help health care professionals play an integral part in the lives of parents faced with the death of a baby. The DVD showcases grieving parents, as well as doctors, nurses, a grief counselor and a chaplain, facing the ongoing reality of having to care for some babies who will not survive to "graduate" from the NICU. The DVD highlights the grieving stages that staff should notice in parents as well as the grieving process staff members themselves experience when a baby they have cared for does not survive.

The video is segmented in 5 chapters, each relevant to a distinctive type of grief:

  1. Preparing for the Death provides professionals with an intimate and authentic view of the feelings and emotions of parents facing the death of a baby, and how they can make tangible memories of the baby plus give support to the family.
  2. After Death describes the grief and shock of the parents when the baby dies and the various ways in which professionals could lend support.
  3. Grandparents' and Siblings' Grief provides professionals with insights to the grief of grandparents and siblings and ways to include them during the hospital experience and during the grief process.
  4. Caring for the Health Team examines the grief experienced by health team members and ways of coping.
  5. Diversity in the NICU gives a brief overview of the major religions and how religious and cultural differences may impact the support provided by the health team.

*Note: If you have a Mac, get the WMV QuickTime Components to view the videos.

Uses for the DVD

  • For professionals working with families whose babies died in the NICU
  • For education of healthcare professionals seeking continuing education credit without having to attend classes
  • For teaching in seminars, classroom and group study environments
  • For educators in medical schools, schools of nursing, social work and chaplaincy studies